A LIFE DIVIDED are back.

Harder, darker and angrier as they ever were. With their incomparable alternative metal, Plangger (vocals), guitarist Tony Berger,
bassist Tobias Egger and drummer Manuel Di Camillo not only conquered the hearts of the fans with their last three albums, but also the German album charts over the last 20 years.

The new album “Down The Spiral Of A Soul” will be released on July 7.

Plangger: “The new songs are a mirror of the last few years. Life outside feels more minor than major.
Sometimes you feel very powerless in a downward spiral. The songs deal with alienation – from people in the personal environment, but also from supposed certainties. A feeling that many of us have experienced in recent years. Strong people, whom we have previously perceived as a rock, falter. Some even fall or retreat into the dark corners of their souls.”

As a foretaste of the Album, A LIFE DIVIDED have already released the singles  “LAST MAN STANDING“,  “BEST TIME“  and “TEAR DOWN THE WALLS“. The brand new single “LIFE GOES ON“ has been out since May 12; a very classy rock hit with stadium appeal. And a very personal song for singer Plangger: “It’s adressed to my 6 year old, not to take the little problems and obstacles in our everyday life too seriously. My wish is that he has freedom of choice; whether he wants to take part in the hamster wheel or if he wants to go another way.“



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